Fiber art and Fine art is same? yes!

Fiber art

Creativity in threads Fiber art, also known as fibre art in British spelling, encompasses fine art created using natural or synthetic fibers alongside other components like fabric or yarn. It places emphasis on the materials used and the manual craftsmanship of the artist, valuing aesthetic appeal over practical functionality. History of Fiber art Fiber art’s … Read more

Textile Aesthetics? Explains in simple wordings!

What is Textile Art

Aesthetic (Textiles) Textile Aesthetics is the appearance and attraction of textile products. aesthetic bound inthe sensory experience of touch, sight, and feel, drawing individuals in with its allure and creating a unique user experience. It’s the interplay of color and texture that defines its charm. Aesthetics is the appearance and attraction of textile products. History … Read more

Textile art is characterized by 6 main Features…

Textile art Textile art refers to the creation of artworks using fibers and fabrics. Artists use various techniques such as weaving, embroidery, and knitting to create beautiful and unique pieces. Unlike traditional paintings or sculptures, textile art focuses on the manipulation of textiles to convey artistic expression. Textile art is characterized by several distinctive features: … Read more

Curtains in Dining Room | Ideas | 6 Color Combination’s

Are you ready to transform your dining room into a stylish and inviting space? Curtains can make a world of difference, adding personality, warmth, and functionality to your dining area. In this detailed guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about curtains in dining room, providing valuable insights, practical tips, and even an Excel … Read more

how was the textile industry changed by the new inventions? | The Amazing Tale of How Textiles Got Super Cool!

Introduction Let’s hop on a time machine and explore how our clothes went from simple to super cool! The story begins with the Spinning Jenny, a magical machine from the late 18th century. This invention made yarn production faster, like a superhero in the textile world, bringing us more clothes and making them affordable for … Read more

Rugs: Complete Guide Before Buying!

rugs : complete guide

Introduction Rugs have been an integral part of human history, adding warmth and style to our living spaces for centuries. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the fascinating world of rugs, covering everything from their origin and history to their pros and cons. In my point of view , lightest shades of rug make … Read more

Carpet : Tradition | History | Care | Unheard Answers ! more than 30


Introduction: Explore the intricacies of care, unpack the types and styles available, and highlight the joys they bring to our living spaces, a comprehensive exploration begins. Exploring Carpet Challenges Choosing the Perfect Carpet Questions and Answers: How ​​to Get Rid of Carpet Beetles:Tackle these pests with thorough cleaning and professional pest control. How ​​to Remove … Read more

Embroidery Thread: A Colorful Journey!

Let’s Start with a Simple Question Have you ever wondered what makes the beautiful art of embroidery possible? The intricate designs, vivid colors, and the sheer variety of stitches – they all come to life thanks to a seemingly ordinary yet crucial element: embroidery thread. A Blast from the Past Before we dive into the … Read more