Johnny Depp | Nightmare on Elm Street | Crop Top

Johnny Depp | Nightmare on Elm Street | Crop Top


In “A Nightmare on Elm Street,” Johnny Depp’s character, Glen, wore a standout crop top with the number ’10’ on it. This style choice reflected the bold fashion trends of the 1980s, when cropped shirts were all the rage. Glen’s crop top, While the era may have passed, the allure of Glen’s crop top remains evergreen, with enthusiasts still able to find similar styles in some online shopping websites.

Johnny Depp Nightmare on Elm Street Crop Top:

Glen’s crop top may seem like just a fashion , but it carries deeper meaning. In a genre where female characters often take the lead, Glen’s outfit challenged traditional ideas about masculinity in horror movies. By embracing this unconventional look, Glen’s character stood out and added layers to his portrayal as a relatable teenager facing Freddy Krueger’s nightmares.

Cultural Impact :

Even years after its release, “A Nightmare on Elm Street” still grabs the attention of audiences worldwide. Glen’s crop top has become an iconic symbol of the film’s impact on pop culture. People celebrate it through fan art and cosplay, paying tribute to the movie’s influence on ’80s horror cinema. Johnny Depp’s performance as Glen, along with his memorable fashion choice, helped cement his status as a rising star in the horror genre.


Johnny depp Nightmare on Elm Street crop top remains a classic in Hollywood, thanks in part to Glen’s unforgettable crop top. It serves as a reminder of the movie’s lasting impact on audiences. Back in the 80s, it was common for guys to cut off the bottom of shirts & (and also, often cut off the sleeves as well to create what we called a “muscle tank”). Johnny Depp’s jersey was one that was definitely cut off.

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